Sometimes you just need a detox from life.


This year has started off with a roaring bang in all aspects of my life and after one month into 2017 I felt a little R&R would be good for my soul. I knew I wanted to retreat to a place where there would be no interruptions from modern technology, no guilt in doing absolutely nothing and no aspect of time.

So you can imagine my delight when I found the most adorable little cottage on AirBNB–perfect for one and checked all my requirements for my escape.

Little River is one of the small towns where there is only one pub, one gas station and one convenience store–which conveniently closes at 5:30PM.  But that was okay because I didn’t go there for the 5 star dining or lively night life.

I had my own entertainment at my little cottage instead!

Named the Oakston Cabin by it’s owners, this renovated 1870 saw miller’s cabin is a little slice of heaven. Completely solar powered, this rustic home is inviting from the instant you open the cobble-webbed red gate.


With pink roses sprouting over the wooden red door, you can’t help but take in the smells as you go to open it to go inside.

And inside it gets even cuter!


An old Victorian bed that is practically begging to be slept in, a steel fireplace to provide warmth on those cold Canterbury evenings and plaid blankets galore to cuddle up under and read your book.

But the best part of all is once you go to the backyard.



There is a rustic couch on the back porch, bushes of lavender that surround the cottage and a bench table to enjoy a very scenic dinner!


But the most special part of the Oakston Cabin is the outdoor bath tub.



Now, this isn’t your ordinary bath-tub. It’s a wood-fire heated tub. Meaning that underneath the tub you have to light the fire before the water is warm enough to enjoy. For a normal person this probably would take an hour for the whole process to have been complete. But for me, in which I have a track-record of losing the battle of setting fires, the process took more like 4 hours as I kept having to re-start it.


But perseverance paid off and at sun down I was able to hop in my lavender filled and candle lit bath. For the next two hours I enjoyed pure bliss–with the sounds of the nearby stream as my soundtrack and the twinkling sky full of stars as my entertainment.

Needless to say, it was a very good night sleep in the cabin. And it was topped off by a short bike ride down to the Little River Cafe for a cup of the best coffee in New Zealand the next morning.  24 hours well-spent.


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