A Weekend of Fun in Praha

Before the whole housing fiasco had happened, our friend Claudia, whom we had met earlier that summer in Paris, had planned to come visit us in Munich for the week! She was such a calm and lovely girl—exactly the type of person we needed to be around after such a chaotic week.
We all decided we needed a weekend getaway, so we booked our tickets to head to Praha for a couple of days. After checking into our favorite hostel—St. Christopher’s Inn—the three of us dropped our bags and headed out to explore!

We began the afternoon with a traditional Czech meal of fried cheese and cucumber lemonade. Afterwards, we decided to do some shopping, as Eastern Europe is an extremely cheap location to do so!

That night the three of us joined in on a pub crawl throughout the town. We ended up hanging out with this group of delightful Irish boys and swapping travel stories. The night was going great, that is until we all decided to go to the five-story dance club. It was the worst clubbing experience of my entire life. The club was extremely filthy, trashy, and humid. It was too crowded to even walk up the stairs.
praha 1
So after spending ten awful minutes in this heat-box, the three of us headed back to our hostel and devoured Paprika Pringles (my new favorite late night munchies).

The next morning we awoke to do a walking tour of the city, which was led by a lovely Greek man who made adorable grammar mistakes, such as “And the he suicides”. After the four hour tour, Claudia, Liana, and I sat down for our first bohemian meal. It was at this lunch that we met the sweetest Brazilian/Japanese man named Yugo. He randomly sat down at our table and started telling us all about his travels. He brings a Japanese flag with him everywhere he goes and asked us all to sign it for him!
praha 2
That night we planned on going to a local club our tour guide had suggested, but accidently got on a train that went the opposite direction. Before we knew it, we were in the outskirts (and sketchy areas) of Praha at 2 a.m. We decided our best bet was to stay on the train and wait until it returned to our starting point and return to the hostel for the night.

The next day Claudia departed for Poland to meet up with her family. Liana and I decided to go tour the communist museum before our bus departed later that day. The exhibit was very educational, as raw footage during the communist era played throughout the displays. The exhibit also had a separate part which displayed the current communist reign in North Korea. While it is moving to see how far the city of Praha has come since being liberated from communist dictatorship, it is really upsetting to realize it is extremely dominant in other parts of the world. Walking through this exhibit really put into perspective how fortunate I am, despite all of the chaos of the trip, to have the opportunity to tour the world, while others have never been allowed to leave their country’s borders.

Liana and I returned to Munich re-charged and appreciative of the fact that we could freely travel Europe safely.
praha 3