Melbourne’s must-do’s

If you are craving a visit to a city that has a bustling city center with one of the best coffee scenes in the world, golden sand beaches perfect for swimming and some of the most scenic spots for sunset viewing, then Melbourne is the city for you!

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Last year when I visited Sydney I thought that no other Australian city could surpass it, but within my first hour in Melbourne I already had a new top Aussie city—nothing quite beats Melbourne’s quirky, trendy and vibrant cityscape.

So to make sure Melbourne steals your heart the same way it did mine, I have put together a quick list of the absolute must-do’s while in Melbourne.


Brunch is a staple part of digesting the awesomeness of Melbourne. And while you have superb options around every corner, make sure you don’t miss out on these two!

Top Paddock : A quick look at the menu options and you will already be salivating the delicousness you are about to indulge! Options include coconut chia pudding, grilled broccolini and poached egg and their staple dish—blueberry and ricotta hotcakes (pictured below). Any of these options topped off with a coffee in tow makes for an extremely satisfying brunch.

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MayDay: This urban-trendy café in Richmod offers some unique brunch options that are sure to make you fanatic about the Melbourne brunch scene. It’s hard to go wrong, but some stand out option are their S’mores chocolate waffle sandwich and chargrilled cauliflower and haloumi beignet.

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Equally as impressive to Melbourne brunch scene is its nightlife. Make sure to start off your evening on the right note by hitting up some of the trendiest restaurants around.

Café de Vin: If you are searching for a trendy restaurant within the city center, then Café de Vin could be what you are searching for. Located off of Bourke Street, this dimly lit Italian themed restaurant offers a chance to quickly escape the bustling surroundings with a dimly lit, outdoor seating arrangement.

Feast or Merit: While the city center offers countless options for dining, you haven’t experienced Melbourne without hitting up one of the more local corners of the city. Head to Richmond to find a unique eating experience in which you and your dining mates choose vegetables, grains, pulses and protien options to share between you.


What makes Melbourne so unique is the quirky character of each of the city’s streets. And while you are sure to be surprised around every corner, make sure to try and find these ones as well:

Royal Arcade: The city center is full of arcades that offer a selection of shops and café’s—but the Royal Arcade has two Melbourne institutions: the Hopetoun Tea Room for tea and pastries and Koco Black for the best hot chocolate. But allow extra time as you will most definitely have to wait in line.

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Lonsdale Street: Within 200 feet on this street you will have access to Doughnut Time, Little Cupcakes and Mr. Burger. What more could you possibly want in life?!

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Hosler Lane –An entire alley way that is full of bright graffitti. Make sure to make your mark in the city by including your name to this character wall!

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Richmond and East Melbourne: While not directly in the city center, Richmond and East Melbourne are only a ten minute walk from the CBD and are part of what makes Melbourne so special. The darling streets are lined with old Victorian styled homes that seem to combine an NYC upper east-side charm with a Parisian flavour.

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One of the main reasons that I have fallen so in love with Melbourne is the fact that Melbourne is made up of a trendy cityscape lined with stunning beaches along the whole coast of Melbourne.

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Brighton Beach: Just like the city, Brighton Beach is a vibrant and unique beach that offers a gorgeous golden sand beach lined with colourful beach boxes. It is rumoured that some of these beach boxes have sold for nearly $600,000 AUD! While that may seem a little crazy to the average person, keep in mind that owning one of these beach boxes means you have front row access to golden sand, clear water and an epic viewing point for sunsets.

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Brighton Beach also offers an incredible view of the city and is home to the Brighton Baths—a fenced off part of the beach that offers an outdoor gym and a slice of the ocean as a lap pool (and guarantees no sharks will join in on your swim in the sea!)

Sunsets: Speaking of sunsets, Melbourne might have some of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen. And it is no surprise the best vantage point is from the beach.