Finding the beauty of the Vegas Strip

Clubbing, gambling and drinking are the most common verbs used to describe the most common occurrences on the Vegas strip. Known as the adult Disneyland, Vegas is a place for many adults to escape their everyday realities and enjoy a care-free and let-loose vacation.

Being a Vegas local I never paid that much attention to the Vegas strip and rather saw it as a place to avoid at all possible costs. But as I have grown older and have spent time away from the bright lights of the strip, I have gained a new perspective on my hometown.
The twinkling-lights, eclectic food-selection and over-abundant shopping are reasons alone to fall in love with Vegas. So while the casinos and clubs might take up most of your time on the strip, don’t miss out on experiencing these Vegas gems as well!
What to see:
The Venetian Canals:
Bringing Italy to the desert, you don’t have to be a hotel guest to wander the streets of Venice. An impressive imitation of the canals wind throughout the inside and outside of the hotel, with authentic gondolas that are from the same manufacturer of those in Venice float throughout the water available for anyone to ride.
The Bellagio Gardens:
The Bellagio gardens are one of the many aspects that make the Bellagio hotel so grand. Changing once every three months, thousands upon thousands of flowers are used to create a themed garden that consistently impresses dwellers. Currently the gardens are  “under-the-sea” themed and even fully equipped with a walk-through aquarium.
The Bellagio Fountains:
A trip to Vegas is not complete without watching the Bellagio Fountains at dusk. Never using the same song or choreography more than once, each Fountain experience is unique and memorable.
Where to shop:
The Caesar Forum Shops:
Walk into a combination of ancient Roman times and high-class shopping at the forum shops in Caesars Palace. The shops are full of unique fountains and spiral escalators that will make you feel as if you are a Roman Empress (or Emperor). Don’t forget to through a penny into the Trevi Fountain outside for good luck as well!
The World’s Biggest Gift Shop:
If you are in need of a tacky memento from your trip to Vegas, the place to do so is at the World’s Largest Gift Shop right near the Stratosphere. From shot glasses, playing cards, t-shirts, key chains, and even a selection of disturbing and erotic gifts, prepare to be overwhelmed by gifts galore that are probably the best bargain on the Strip.
Where to swim: 
The Forum Pools:
Okay, so it may seem like I am a little biased towards Caesars. But thanks to the fandom of the hotel thanks to The Hangover trilogy,  Caesars Palace literally has it all!  Caesars Palace is home to the Forum Pools, which is a collection of seven pools at the hotel that are Roman styled. If you aren’t a guest at the hotel, you can still have access to these pools for $20. Make sure to also go to the adult pool and play card games in the water. That’s right, you can gamble in their pool, so why wouldn’t you go?!
Where to eat:
The Buffet:
Vegas is known for their all-you-can-eat buffets and The Wynn has the absolute best one in town! With an average wait of around an hour, this Buffett offers anything your taste-buds desire, from cooked-to-order pancakes, omelettes and crepes, in addition to your choice of seafood, sushi, pasta, pizza, salads, and steak. Don’t forget to leave room for the extensive dessert selections as well!
Golden Steer Steakhouse:
To experience old school Vegas class, go to Golden Steer for a fine-dining experience that Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra and many others have once enjoyed as well. Golden Steer is known for their world class steaks (hence the name) and unique Caesar Salads. The Caesar Salads are made by your waiter right in front of your table using eleven ingredients that will make any salad you have from that point on taste sub-par. Take note of the eclectic memorabilia at each of the dedicated booths and enjoy the romantic atmosphere that can often get lost in the bright lights of the Vegas Strip.
Where to drink: 
The Chandelier Bar:
A personal favorite of mine, the Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is literally a bar inside a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. Drinks don’t get any classier than this.
Skyfall Bar:
At the top of the Delano Hotel is the new “best view” of the strip. Access to the bar is free and you will be treated to a view of the entire strip and lights galore.
So enjoy the lights, enjoy the booze, enjoy the shops, enjoy the food, enjoy the shows and Viva Las Vegas!