8 reasons to visit the Rakaia Gorge

There is always somewhere new to be discovered in New Zealand. And while I have some major places on my bucket list to explore in the land of the long white cloud (Bay of Islands, the Coromandel, Abel Tasman, Stewart Island, and basically everywhere that exists in this country), there are some small hidden gems that take a lot less time, effort and money to experience.

Last weekend, that small hidden gem was the Rakaia Gorge. An hour west of Christchurch lies one of the most picturesque landscapes that Canterbury has to offer.

So here are eight reasons why you should hop on Highway 77 (part of the inland scenic route) and go check out this gorgeous gorge!

1) There is a private beach at the start of the gorge. And the perfect place for a (romantic) picnic.


2) The water is insanely blue. And not just any kind of blue, but a teal kind of blue that makes you wonder if someone poured food dye in it.


3) Mini-water falls line the side of the gorge. And as someone who is obsessed with waterfalls, even the tiny ones are reason enough to spend the day exploring the gorge.


4) The nature walks are stunning. And the options are endless with walks by the gorge that range from a 30 minute walk to a four hour return trip (in which the return trip can be by an inflatable raft!)


5) You can have a Sound of Music moment running through the fields.


6) And you can find an old mine in the middle of the bush (which is totally creepy and cool at the same time).


7) And around every corner you turn, the view gets better and better.


8) Until you reach the ultimate view, with Mt. Hutt in the background.