8 Reasons why Taylor’s Mistake is the best beach in Christchurch

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Also referred to by Te Onepoto by the Maori people of New Zealand, Taylor’s Mistake received it’s English version of the name in 1865 when an owner of a shipping vessel arrived at the beach in the middle of the night thinking it was Sumner Bar.  Hearing about this beach from some locals, it was not long before I ventured over Scarborough Hill to check out what is now my favorite beach in Christchurch (for 8  reasons).Displaying IMG_7904.JPG

8. It is perfectly hidden between rolling hills. While the beach itself is not particularly large,  it offers the perfect amount of seclusion for the rest of the city. And it is not rare that you can claim a whole section (or the whole beach) on any given day.

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7. The stairway to paradise. Lined with palm trees and leading to the sparkling blue water in the distance, this is-hands down-the coolest staircase I have ever walked on.

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6. The perfectly placed bench. When it comes to benches, New Zealand knows how to put them in the perfect location. And this time is no different. This bench offers a scenic resting point to overlook the rest of Taylor’s Mistake.

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5. The cliffs scream paradise. Going off the beaten track of the stairway to Taylor’s Mistake will allow access to this insanely unique and beautiful cliff. It’s the perfect location to take in the beauty of this bay and keep a look out for dolphins and whales.

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4. There is a community of the perfect beach houses. Built into the rocks, these incredible beach houses are home to the ultimate front yards. While some of them are no  longer lived in, there are a multitude of homes that are occupied with some of the luckiest people in Christchurch.

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3. The best surfing spot. While Sumner and New Brighton Beach offer good waves for surfing, those seeking a more challenging surf will want to head over to Taylor’s Mistake immediately.

2. Godley Head offers the best walk. Whether you are a history buff who is keen to explore the once WWII coastal fortification site, an avid runner who wants a challenging trail run, or just keen to take a stroll with mates, Godley Head is a must-do. Originally home to over 400 military personnel, this reserve offers coastal walking treks with a diverse landscape.

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1. This view.  

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